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In addition to regular schools, colleges and universities also have various forms of technical training courses and technical schools, and industrial and mining enterprises with the help of the university to help the in-service university classes. After the reunification of the North and the South in 1976, the Fourth Congress of the Vietnamese Labor Party passed a resolution to comprehensively reform the structure of education, the content of education, and the methods of teaching. In January 1979, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee announced the reform plan and proposed the educational goals of socialism: (1) strengthening the education of young children and adolescents throughout the country; (2) popularizing cultural education to the whole people, especially ethnic minorities; (3) cultivating and promoting The skills of the working people make them politically conscious workers. A new educational structure was introduced in the early 1980s: 9 years (6-15 years old), compulsory (basic) education, 3 years (15 to 17 years old), secondary education and 4 years of higher education. Preschool education is the responsibility of kindergartens around the country, recruiting children between the ages of three and six. In 1985, the number of people enrolled accounted for 34% of the same age population. The basic education is divided into the first phase (grades 1 to 5) and the second phase (grades 6 to 9). Students will not take the exam in the first stage of the course, go straight to the second stage of study, and graduate in the ninth grade to receive a diploma. Only one-third of the students can progress through the secondary school entrance exams, and the rest can either be employed or receive non-formal education. Those who have obtained a secondary school certificate from a secondary school may apply to a higher education institution. There are 88 institutions of higher education (1983), mainly including Vietnam Comprehensive University, Encyclopedia University, Hanoi Foreign Language Normal University, Medical University, and Ho Chi Minh University. The two-year teacher's school and the three- to four-year teacher's college have a total of 150 (1985).  buy fake diploma in Vietnam.The teachers in the first stage of basic education are trained by the normal schools. The teachers in the second stage are trained by the three-year special classes of the Teachers College. The secondary school teachers are required to study in the Teachers College for 4 years. In order to improve the quality of basic education, an education management training institute for training administrators is specially established; basic school curriculum is revised; new textbooks are published; scientific equipment is added; and school management and educational science research are strengthened. In order to solve the employment problem of students after compulsory education, the education department cooperates with other social organizations to set up four types of vocational and technical schools: (1) Agricultural schools, located in agricultural areas, mainly teaching rice, soybeans, potatoes, fruit trees and livestock breeding. buy fake degree in ho chi minh city.Method, combination of teaching and practice; (2) Industrial school, located in the industrial-agricultural area, cooperates with the factory, the factory provides funds, equipment and teachers, students study for half a day, half-day internship; (3) forestry school, located in the forest area According to the plan of the Agriculture and Forestry Association, students are organized to plant local traditional plants; (4) Farm schools run by farm engineers, taught by farm engineers and skilled technicians, and work and study. After the above-mentioned school students graduate, they are generally employed on the spot. Those with excellent grades can choose to go to higher education institutions for further study. Adult education has literacy literacy and school education tutoring, including cultural studies, militia, and learning activities organized by the Communist Youth League. Basic knowledge education is required to be combined with actual needs, and the content depends on the needs of local economic development. All types of schools at all levels are public and are managed by the Ministry of Education. Funding is financed by the state. In 1991-1992, education funds accounted for 12% of the national budget, of which about half of the general education funds.