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The choice facing Donald Trump, buy fake certificate and transcript

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First the incidents. Let me start with the least publicised. A 51-year-old white man tries to enter a predominantly black church in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. But when he can't get in, he goes to a nearby supermarket and shoots dead two elderly black people. It is being treated as a potential hate crime. The man in detention also had a history of mental illness and shouldn't have been able to own a gun. buy US fake degreand transcript.
Then we have had the pipe-bomber who mailed viable devices to prominent Democrats and Trump critics; the first was sent to George Soros, a wealthy financier and philanthropist - who for some on the right seems to be the ultimate bogeyman, to be held responsible for when it rains too much and for when there's a drought. He is also Jewish. The rest were sent to the most senior Democrats in the country. Luckily no one was hurt. The man being held is a fanatical Trump supporter who was a regular at his rallies.